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Freelancing Course

Freelancing Course


Peddu, founder at Tulya Impex

Ash is a fantastic trainer. He's been freelancing for more than 17+ years and you'll sense it the moment you start taking his course. Go for it. 


Arpitha Rai, Freelancer & Youtuber

Ash taught me everything I know about freelancing today. I work with International clients & I also have a successful YouTube channel. Get this course now

Neil Strauss, Freelance Developer

Ash gives a complete picture of (not just the basics). If you want to make it as a successful, International freelancer, this course is a must for you



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Prefer personal coaching Instead?

I am Ash, and I have been in your shoes before (I still do freelancing). My goal is not just to teach you the basics.


Get all the tools, insights, & motvation that will make freelancing profitable for you. 


I'll help you through each step of building a successful writing business with a step-by-step personal coaching program so that when you're done, you can start working as a freelancer right away. 

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