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Digital Entrepreneurship: The Life (& It's Rewards)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

An entrepreneur’s life is one big irony: you set out to do something you thought you love to do but then you realize that it was far more tough and back-breaking than your normal day job.

If you hadn’t loved being on your own so much, you really wouldn’t survive the vicissitudes an entrepreneur’s life throws upon you.

We hear a lot of people saying that they had always dreamt of starting out on their own but then it is amusing to note that they have no idea how it is, really.

Here’s a take on what the reality can be:

Digital Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey

Nothing can be nearer to the truth than this one.

From the time you had thought of doing something on your own, you have been busy paddling against the much established norms the society had set upon you.

They expect you to work while you want to provide jobs to people.

While you ideate with a passion and harbor dreams that you so reverently adore, you are rarely understood by anyone else.

Chances are that you would be the only one fighting this battle and you would have nothing for support except your own big self.

Entrepreneurship is a tough job (Even More than you think)

Never trust anything, anywhere if it says anything like: "It's easy" or "How I made $5400 in a week with nothing but a laptop".

Nothing is that easy. Trust me.

If you were starting out, you would eventually realise that you would simply be wedded to the rigours of hard work; It would make you stretch, flex and pump your energy out.

You might have to work harder than ever before and still you wouldn’t be that pleased. However, for most of those who do this, it is indeed a humbling and rewarding experience.

Business is really a baby

Businesses are really like babies, they need to be taken care of when first starting out and then mentored, coached and befriended.

Your life would revolve around it, you would keep thinking about it and we should push it a bit far and probably say that it would be termed as obsession.

A consuming, involved and highly addictive vocation, I should say.

Digital Entrepreneurship is freedom (in a way)

This is perhaps one those common reasons why most people look at self-employment or business.

Being on your own gives you unparalleled freedom to whatever you like and whenever you like.

If you could manage it, you could take a day off, take those yearly vacations, be home if you felt sick, attend your friend’s wedding if you thought it was important. T

The point is, you don’t have to beg your boss for a day’s leave or a half-day’s permission.

However, it's not like you have the freedom from work itself.

Or it's not like you have freedom from the stress and responsibility (for yourself or others) that comes with online entrepreneurship (just like any other kind of entrepreneurship).

Entrepreneurship Makes more money by taking your life away

If it weren’t for your choice of profession, entrepreneurship actually grabs your life away from you.

It is a consuming profession and it is all you would think of even after your company goes public. It never really stops. It’s a life-time job.

What’s more, you can’t even get away from it because by then you would know that people’s lives depend on it.

Before you know it, your life changes.

However, a lot of entrepreneurs don't mind it all (everything, including your job and your dog, also takes your life away from you).

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