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Freelancing Myths In India: Be Anything But Stupid

Some of these myths of being self-employed could be hurting you. Just read and avoid these myths, promise?

Digital Entrepreneurship in India is rewarding. But it has its ups and downs; it has its share of challenges.

According to The Hindu, freelancers grew by a whopping 22% in the last year alone. Look at your average Twitter activity on well…Twitter and you’ll see that there are several folks who are trying out the freelancing mode in India.

That’s really good news.

There’s nothing like working on your own, starting a business in India, and going after your dreams -- even if these dreams aren’t as expansive or humongous in scale.

Freelancing is self-employment at its best. But don’t get it wrong -- it’s no less a business.

Here are some myths of self-employment (in terms of freelancing online) that you should take note of:

Freelancing is not real

Freelancing is just as real as your local real estate market is. It’s as real as any business like Reliance, HDFC, and Infosys.

In fact, let’s say you are a freelance web developer in India and you take on a few projects, you are essentially doing what TCS or Accenture does (albeit on a small scale).

Freelancing is a one-person business essentially -- this means that freelancing success (or failure) depends on “you.” While freelancing does have pros and cons (like everything else), it’s as real as it gets.

Take a look at my Upwork profile (I am still there) to see if it’s real or not. Or just look at Morgan Overholt who made $500,000 in freelancing (last time I wrote about her).

Freelancing doesn’t pay

How much does freelancing pay, you ask? As much as you charge. How much you charge for freelancing services in India (or elsewhere) depends on your skill sets, your experience, how well you pitch your services, and on the basis on which you command the freelancing rates that you ask for.

Most clients are happy to pay for results.

On top of that, clients absolutely love how well you communicate, your professionalism, whether you are easy to work with or not, how well you get along with clients, trust, and so many other factors.

Pricing your freelancing services is not a “one-time-thing”, of course. Nor is it something that someone else can tell you.

It’s really all about experimenting with your prices.

Komal Ahuja -- a fantastic content writer and marketer who writes for brands like Shopify, HotJar, and InVideo -- recently tweeted:

You have to agree with her.

From a pure business perspective, how much you make as a freelancer depends on:

  • How many clients do you manage to get per month?

  • How many of those clients do you retain?

  • Your actual pricing for freelancing services.

  • Whether (or not) you upsell other services to the same set of clients.

Do this consistently enough and you’ll have an income or cash flow you never thought possible.

Freelancing is Easy

It’s true that all you’ll need to start freelancing is your laptop, an Internet connection, and your own skills.

That’s it.

You can work from anywhere, you can work with international clients, and you are your own boss.

That’s true.

What’s not true is this: That you’ll succeed in a week, or that you’ll make a gazillion dollars in a few months.

Doesn’t work that way.

Whatever you read online -- including posts, stories, and videos of freelancers making lakhs of rupees or millions of dollars in India -- is half-fake, half-false, and half-stories.

For instance, I personally made millions of dollars from freelancing. But nowhere do I ever claim that it’s easy.

It’s not easy. No way.

You’ll never see me talk about “How I made Millions of Dollars in Freelance in just 6 months” or anything of that sort.

It’s just because that’s not true. It took a long time to make my million dollars.

You’ll take time too.

Stop reading nonsense online. Ok?

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