• Ash

How to Earn Money Online In 2021: 8 Completely Digital & Profitably Honest Ways

Updated: May 6, 2021

You don't have to pound the pavement, beg for business, or work on thrifty "150 rupees for a logo" or "$3 for a blog post" jobs (it's all too common when you even try to earn money online from India and elsewhere in the developing economy).

No, I won't be listing out 100 different ideas like "babysitting" or "mowing the lawn". You'll find plenty of those out on the Internet anyway (and I don't want to repeat myself).

This blog post will be a list of legitimate, profitable, and honest ways for you to make money online.

Whether or not you're already working, if you have an internet connection and want to know how to earn some extra cash then this is the article for you!

Note: Just reading this list won't get you anywhere. You have to take action. Pick one and start from there. You can always change, pivot, and drift away into different directions (as it may suit you). Don't get stuck with anything.

With that out of the way, here are some top, honest, legitimate ways to earn money online in India (actually, wherever you are from) with my own thoughts and pointers along the way:

Teach online on Udemy

You may not know it, but you do have skills. You can teach. Do you work on excel all day while at your day job? Are you a born creative writer? Are you naturally inclined to gardening? Do you find yourself doing very well on the stock market (and no one even knows this?).

You can teach others what you know. Udemy is absolutely free for you to go out there and start teaching online. Think about what you can teach. Then, go paint the town red.

Things to watch out for:

  • Because Udemy promises exposure (along with the premise that they do marketing on your behalf), Udemy eats a lot of your potential revenue when you sell your courses.

  • Udemy undercuts your actual course price; My $30 dollar course (around 2400 INR gets is currently being sold for 450 INR). That's terrible. As a course creator working hard to do what you do, this is insane.

  • Just because you set your course up on Udemy, it doesn't mean that you can sit back and binge-watch Netflix. You'd have to still promote and push your own courses (only to see that Udemy only pays you a fraction for the resultant course sales).

  • You have no control over your own students. I mean, you'll never have access to their email addresses or phone numbers. Basically, you don't own anything despite selling on Udemy (like, forever).

Alternatives to Udemy: Sell your courses on your own platform (website). Use Thinkific, Podia, or even Wix (you can sell courses on Wix. This website is on Wix).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online. You can create your own website or blog, and then promote other people's products by adding links on your site that link to the merchant's website.

When your visitors click these links and buy something, you get paid a commission for the sale.