• Ash

7 Steps on How to Start Freelancing with No Experience

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

How do you start freelancing with no experience? The same way you start anything really.

Baby steps.

One thing at a time.

Want to Jump? Here are the steps you need to take 👇

Step 1: Take Inventory of yourself & Your Skillsets

Step 2: Set a Goal & Know the Reality

Step 3: How to Set Prices for Freelancing Services

Step 4: Create your Branding & Website

Step 5: How to Create a Portfolio (or Live Projects)

Step 6: Create Accounts with Upwork, Fiverr, & PeoplePerHour

Step 7: Use Social Media to Find Clients

There's no such thing as "no experience". Maybe you didn't get the memo but everyone "does" have "experience" with something or the other.

If you know how to use a computer, you already have the basic skills you need. Or you could always learn "how to do....[anything].

First, get that worm out of your head that you need "loads of experience" to start freelancing. You don't.

You just need to start.

Start freelancing with no experience? Here are some instant ideas for you to think about (like, Immediately):

  • Have you been a manager before? Do you have the knack to stay organized, follow-up with people, manage people, or manage tasks without getting overwhelmed? You could become a Virtual assistant.

  • If you know how to write well, you could get on a path to become a content writer, copywriting, or allied services such as social media management (you already know how to use Facebook, how to use LinkedIn, and How to use YouTube, don't you?). Now, you just have to help businesses and other individuals with their social media presence.

  • Know how to code? There's a world open for you. You can start "solving problems" for your potential clients such as to help "fix website problems", "help speed up their websites", or "design websites", or "design themes", or "develop WordPress plugins". The world is your oyster.

  • Are you a designer or illustrator? Get on the pathway to become a logo designer, a graphic designer, a branding consultant, an illustrator, and more. You could also specialize with something very specific such as to design tech packs for fashion brands like Arpitha Rai (a fellow troopertribe member, a fashion designer, and a professional YouTuber) does.

To get started with freelancing with no experience, you need to "build" that experience (much like it is when you first lookout for a job or when you first start any other business).