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Is Upwork Good for Freelancers?

Is Upwork Good For Freelancers? Is Upwork Worth It? Is Upwork legit? Is it worth Is it a good way to make money with freelancing and find freelance jobs? Let's take a look.

Upwork is an online job board that has been around since 2015 (it's a result of a merger between oDesk and Elance).

The website lists over 5 million+ freelance gigs, making it one of the biggest freelance job boards in the world.

Let's try to answer the question: Is Upwork Good For Freelancers?

How to Use Upwork

Types of Jobs on Upwork

How Are your Upwork Earnings Guaranteed?

Is Upwork Worth it?

Is Upwork Legit?

What Are Upwork fees?

How Secure Is Upwork For Freelancers?

How to Use Upwork

There are two ways freelancers can use Upwork:

1. Find freelance jobs that relate to your field of specialty, bid/apply for projects, and get clients. Work on these projects and get paid to work for clients.

2. Freelancers can post their own projects (much like gigs on Fiverr) or respond to client requests on the site (Upwork Project Catalogue). You are only charged if you secure a gig by accepting payment from your client through Upwork; otherwise, there is no cost to you at all.

Types of Jobs on Upwork

On Upwork, you primarily have two types of jobs: Hourly projects and fixed-price projects.

Hourly projects pay you by the hour (and you'll charge an hourly fee). Upwork guarantees these hourly jobs and every hour you work is every hour you get paid.

You need to track the hours you spend on the project by using Upwork Time Tracker (complete with regular notes on what part of the project(s) you are working on, and more.

Fixed-price projects are what they sound like: You get paid a fixed amount for a project, or tasks related to your project which will be broken down into milestones (which you and your client will agree on before -- or while -- working on the projects.