• Ash

How Morgan Overholt Made $500,000 on Upwork in 4 Years (& Lessons For Us)

It's always inspiring to see fellow Upworkers doing well for themselves. Morgan Overholt -- founder of Morgan Media LLC, -- provides high-quality, concierge-level graphic design services for her clients.

Her agency -- based out of Miami -- works with the likes of Centers for Disease Control Foundation, Air Force Aid Society, and GoTrax.

In case you were wondering, this entire post was triggered thanks to her blog post on how she made $400,000+ (Now, 500,000+) on Upwork in 4 years flat.

Morgan is a self-described small business evangelist. With almost 20 years of experience in graphic design and sales, she decided to take the leap of faith and push herself from being a solo-freelancer side hustle into a full-time business in 2017.

Apart from providing a concierge-level service for her clients, she still does freelancing on Upwork (which accounts for approximately half of annual revenue) . She is a regular contributor for Business Insider and Collective. Her "blogging bug" extends to Medium, as well.

On Upwork, she is a Top-rated Plus freelancer (and has been maintaining that status for a while now) while she is also "Expert-Vetted".

At the time of writing this (things change quickly on Upwork), those are the most coveted and the highest badges freelancing professionals get on Upwork.

Further, Morgan also runs a small shared office space in Miami, coaches other freelancers on how to follow in her footsteps, and also owns and operates two blogs: TheSmokies.com and Morgan Overholt.

Dang, she is busy, isn't she?

Morgan's success was not an overnight phenomenon though. The roots of her success come flowing from her insistence to spend time on the Internet, hogging the family LAN line, and working on her "Harry Potter fansite".

Little did she know then that all of this would lead her to her success today (or maybe she did).