• Ash

6 Powerful Freelancing Tips (& Change How You Freelance Forever)

If you're freelancing, you know that it's not always easy. You have to worry about getting paid, finding new clients, and keeping your skills sharp just to name a few things.

However, there are many tips you can use for freelance success.

With a few established and effective ways, you can make it easier for yourself while you do freelancing.

Here are some powerful freelance tips that'll change the way you do #freelancing forever.

Always Screen Your Clients

This is a big one. The #freelancing world can be full of scams and fake clients, so you have to be careful who you choose to work with.

There are some ways that help keep your freelancing career safe, to lower your stress levels, to avoid getting scammed, or to prevent headaches of any kind:

  • Establish screening processes. If you are on a site like Fiverr (where you put up gigs -- services, sold as products), highlight a line in your gig that says "Please contact before placing an order". On other sites such as #upwork, you'll thankfully have a way to talk to your potential client first (Upwork has a video calling feature built right inside).

  • Set up an onboarding call first. In the first call, get a "feel" for everything -- the kind of business your potential client is in, work requirements, work expectations, and even the clients themselves (as people).

You don't want to work with absolutely everyone (even if that means you'll lose $750,000 in 10 years as a grand total in assumed opportunity costs).

Make sure Your Pricing is competitive in the market

First, your location is a moot point. Don't price yourself according to where you stay as a freelancer.

Second, if you're freelancing, it's important to make sure that your rates are competitive in the market. You can do this by surveying what other freelance professionals charge for similar services or looking at industry averages.

What is the average hourly rate for freelancers in your niche? What are your skills and experience? Look at what other freelancers charge for similar services and make sure you're not undercutting yourself.

Third, price your freelance work in a way that makes sense to the client and is still sustainable for you.